My LAA Inspector

Mike Powell is my LAA Inspector who is very experienced and had numerous brilliant ideas how to solve a few problems. If there is a problem, he will research if there are other legal and appropriate ways to solve a problem, rather than categorigly stating, that there is no alternative.

My first inspector, before Mike Powell, was not that open to new developments in the flying world and stated, that if I use Oratex for my Dreidecker, I need to find a different Inspector.  And so I did.

Mike in the background on the right in a white shirt is observing our efforts to do an engine test run. On the left in a checked shirt is Bob Gotts who is the owner of the Felthorpe airfield and is also avery keen pilot. And of course Alan is on the left helping a great deal as ususal.

Mike giving an interview about the Dreidecker to the TV crew to tell them about technical problems that occured during the built and how they were solved.